Time for a change

I have had some time to think since my last message to you guys and I had many things on my mind. I’m not quite sure how to put it but since this is going to be a quite emotional post, I’m gonna try to explain what happened during the last months.

Since I released my last album in November, I had a hard time writing or making music in general. A person I didn’t even know told me something that made me feel very bad about my music and so I stopped. I just stopped making music for a long time. I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t sing, I didn’t play…I just listened. And watched. And wondered if music was my future. And then I saw others make music and get all excited and emotional while doing it…and that made me remember why I made music. It let me forget all the pain, the struggle, the bad moments and remember the ones that made it all worth while. But I knew some things had to change. I wanna go back to making music for the sake of music – not to please anyone or to become famous or rich or whatever.

In order to do that, I decided to start off fresh. “e-motions” has been my name for years but it has been an alias. Yes – I thought it stands for my music but now I feel like the only right thing – and the only really honest thing to do is, to use my real name – Umberto Federico.

I’m going to change my online appearance and my social profiles slowly to adapt to the new branding. I know this is a big step but I am willing to do it and I hope you’re with me on this.