Well – this time the video comes with a reason (not that usually I don’t have reasons – but this one is special). I want to celebrate my 2000th subscriber on my emotionsinfluences channel on Youtube! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I know – 2000 doesn’t sound so exciting compared to other channels but honestly – I don’t care. Having 2000 fans means a lot to me and I am so proud of this. It’s been 7 years I’ve been on Youtube and I enjoyed it oh so much. All your comments, your feedback, your love and positive reactions are awesome and give me chills! Thank you for being on this journey with me. To show you how much I appreciate all your support, I will give out a free download the song in the video below. There’s only one catch: sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get the link in the next edition of the newsletter. This is only going to be available to my closest fans so make sure to sign up today at www.emotionsmusic.com. And now enjoy watching the video!